What’s new in Orlando?

There always seems to be something exciting happening in Orlando.  And this season is no different.

The Ellis Exclusive Villas team brings you news of all the new rides and excitement coming to Orlando soon.


We bring you news of:

*  Infinity Falls, a new raft ride at SeaWorld

*  Ray Rush, an award-wining new ride at Aquatica water park

*  Oga’s Cantina, exciting first news from Galaxy’s Edge

*  Tigris, soon to be Florida’s tallest launch coaster

*  Family fun from Disney


What are the most exciting new rides and attractions opening soon in Orlando?


Infinity Falls

Well, it doesn’t get much more exciting that the new ride opening at SeaWorld this week.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen: this week.

Infinity Falls opens at SeaWorld on 4th October and we just can’t wait!

This new SeaWorld ride is set to be the most thrilling river rapids ride of your life!  It features the world’s longest drop on a river raft ride and the only vertical lift on a river rafts ride.  Jump on one of Infinity Falls 14 rafts and you’ll be whisked away on a watery adventure.  If holding on tight through churning white water is your thing, then this is the ride for you.


Infinity Falls Fun Facts


  • Opening: 4th October

  • Park: SeaWorld

  • Ride type: Family

  • Drop: 40 foot

  • Length: 1,520 feet of track

  • Splash level: Soaked – pack those ponchos!

  • Height requirement: 42” to 78”


Ray Rush

The grand opening of Infinity Falls comes hot on the heels of another SeaWorld new attraction: the Ray Rush ride at Aquatica Orlando, which opened this May and has already scooped Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket Award for Best New Water Park Ride.

This awesome ride is another fun family raft ride.  Hop on a raft and water jets will launch your raft so you whoosh down the Ray Rush’s exhilarating slides and tubes before popping out in the pool below – splashtastic!

Ray Rush Fun Facts


  • Opening: Open Now!

  • Park: SeaWorld Aquatica Water Park

  • Ride type: Family

  • Splash level: Who cares? You’re in your shorts or bikini already, right?

  • Height requirement: 42” or over


Oga’s Cantina

Disney has opened Toy Story World this year and Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the opening of Disney’s Star Wars World, Galaxy’s Edge.  If you are a Star Wars nut, then Disney has something special for you to make the wait more bearable.

Oga’s Cantina is a new restaurant which Disney has announced will open next year – serving Star Wars themed food and drinks to the sounds of its resident DJ.  Visitors can expect to meet a few Star Wars themed characters in Oga’s Cantina.  Besides RX-24, the former StarSpeeder 3000 pilot droid, who is the Cantina’s resident DJ, it’s a safe bet a few Storm Troopers will be making an entrance.


Oga’s Cantina Fun Facts


  • Opening date: 2019

  • Park: Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be home to Disney’s new Star Wars world, Galaxy’s Edge.

  • Thrill level: For Star Wars fans: high.

  • Found on: Planet Batuu

  • Location: Black Spire Outpost

  • Clientele: the galaxy’s most colourful – and notorious – characters

Galaxy’s Edge is set to open Fall 2019 in Disney World Orlando.


Meanwhile, Busch Gardens has been announcing some exciting plans of its own – especially for coaster fans.

Tigris is set to be a new record-breaking rollercoaster.  Busch Gardens has scheduled its opening date for Spring 2019, so you don’t have long to wait to experience what will be Florida’s tallest launch coaster.  The movement of the coaster has been designed to imitate the agility of a tiger and it sounds like it will have just as much power too!


Tigris Fun Facts


  • Opening: Spring 2019

  • Park: Busch Gardens

  • Ride type: High thrills

  • Length: over 1,800 metres of steel track

  • Speed: Reach speeds of up to 60mph

  • Height: Tigris’s 150-foot skyward rush makes it Florida’s tallest launch coaster

  • Thrill level: High

  • Height requirement: 54” or over


Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Finally, Disney is also planning one for the littlies with Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.  This fun, family attraction is set to open in 2019 and will throw guests into the wacky and unpredictable world of Mickey Mouse.  It will be Disney World’s first Mickey-themed ride-through attraction and its crazy capers will feature a new no-glasses ride experience that Disney is calling 2½D.

We’ll bring you more news when we hear it!

Orlando’s unique magic

If you’d like to experience any of these rides and attractions – whether this year or next – now is the time to book your Orlando vacation home.  Booking early ensures you get your pick of the crop: you can browse our homes here.


Orlando is the centre of the theme park universe, with good reason.  And its managed to retain that status for decades thanks to the continual innovation and ground-breaking designs of the theme parks’ imagineers.  These are the people that bring the rides off the drawing board and to life and, if this season’s launches are anything to go by, they just keep getting better and better!

We’re so excited to see what’s coming next.  And of course, we will share all the news with you right here on our blog.


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