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Vacation Home versus Hotel?

There are so many reasons for choosing to stay at your own vacation home instead of an expensive resort hotel… here are some of our favourites! The pool doesn’t close No need to rush back from the park… the pool isn’t going to close. We don’t have a dress code Whatever you’re up to, you can relax in comfort!  Read the story of our guests who ran ToughMudder here. So...

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Sounding Off

It’s sometimes easy to forget how different American English and British English are.  Sometimes less so. Because I book my villas to both English and American guests, I’m frequently reminded of the differences.  Little things cause problems.  For example, the terms ‘self-catering’ and ‘villa’ instantly communicate essential holiday characteristics to British guests, but are devoid of such meaning for my US guests. I will be mid-booking and suddenly find myself...

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