I had a really great response to my blog about Kissimmee Guest Services.  They are a great company and offer brilliant discounts off park admissions and the cost of tickets for many other Orlando attractions.

Their discounts come with a low price guarantee – they’ll refund the difference if you find tickets cheaper – which means their discounts are only ever surpassed by one thing: the brilliant advice they give to their customers.

Happily, Tim Justynski, KSG’s Director of Business Relations, has agreed to share some of this advice here.

“Buying tickets can be overwhelming the first time, if you don’t know what to expect,” says Tim.  “Guests want to ensure they have got what they want to see but also want to know they haven’t bought too much.”


Tim’s Tips for Buying Tickets for One-Week Vacations

Tim suggests that for a one-week vacation you don’t need more than four days of park tickets, especially if it is your first time in Florida.

“You need to give yourself time to rest your feet and your mind,” Tim says.  “If you’re here in the hot summer months, you’ll probably also want a few days where you can get out of the heat – if you’re staying at one of Lisa’s villas you’ll want a couple of days to chill out by the pool and enjoy your beautiful vacation home.”

For first-timers, Tim suggests two or three days at Disney and then a single day at either SeaWorld or Universal.  Base tickets would be fine, where you can visit one park per day.  If it is at your first time at a theme park, then allowing yourself a full day to get around is realistic.

If you’ve visited Orlando’s theme parks before, then a multi-park admission is more useful.  You will feel more comfortable tackling more than one park in a day, and you can save money too.

“Of course, this will depend on the time of year,” advises Tim.  “In the summer, the parks are open longer, so fitting more than one park into your day might be more attractive.  For example, Disney’s Animal Kingdom closes at 6pm in the summer months but Magic Kingdom can open ‘til midnight in the summer so two park tickets would work well – if you have the stamina!”


Tim’s Tips for Buying Tickets for Two-Week Vacations

On a two-week vacation, Tim says you will need no more than eight to ten days of park tickets.

I really agree with him as well; my family definitely need downtime between our days at the parks.  We love the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal and LegoLand but I know from experience that we also love our days around the pool.

It’s great to explore some of Central Florida’s other attractions too.

Tim suggests: “If it is your first time travelling to Orlando, you’re probably going to want three days at Disney, a few days at Universal, maybe a day at SeaWorld and possibly a day at a waterpark as well, depending on the season and the ages of your kids.  The Leogland waterpark is great for kids between the ages of 2 and 12.”

The waterparks are generally open between March and November, but Tim says he has known local temperatures to register 85˚F on Christmas Day – so the season isn’t necessarily a barrier to enjoying your own pool back at the villa!


Tim’s Other Advice About the Theme Parks

What other advice has Tim got for first-time visitors?

“Universal has a reputation for having more thrill rides, so it is great for older teenagers.  But don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t great for little ones too,” Tim warns.  “Universal has done its best to keep its parks relevant to all ages.  For the little ones, Universal has Barney, ET, a great play area in Islands of Adventure and Dr Seuss and Jurassic Park.”


As Tim points out, there is a lot of advice out there and it can quickly get confusing.  That’s why I really like Kissimmee Guest Services approach: the KSG team are always happy to give their guests personal advice.  If your family has some firm favourites, be sure to tell Kissimmee Guest Services so they can put together a great package for you based on your own individual favourites.


Tim’s Top Tips for Other Attractions to Enjoy Beyond the Theme Parks

Tim’s other recommendations for Orlando experiences include the Orlando Eye and one of Orlando’s famous Dinner Shows.

“If you’ve never been to Florida before,” says Tim, “definitely go seek out some of the real Florida.  We have some beautiful landscapes and beautiful waterways.  It would be a real shame to come and here and not experience a bit of the real Florida.  Whether that is booking an Airboat ride through us, or just taking a day out at one of Florida’s beautiful State Parks.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to have a great day out.”

In terms of Dinner Shows, Tim says: “Treasure Tavern – which can be a little riské – and Sleuths Mystery are great for older groups.  The Pirates Adventure and Medieval Times are more aimed at younger kids and are something the whole family can enjoy.  There are so many choices of things to do here we’re certain we can help put something together that is really special.”

And I can’t argue with really special.

Thank you for your contribution Tim.