February 7 is Book Direct Day!


Today, we celebrate and encourage the savvy vacationer’s practice of booking direct.

In a world of big booking platforms, dominated by the likes of Vrbo, AirBnB and Booking.com, its easy to think that these technology giants offer the best way to book a vacation.

However, that’s simply not the case! There are many powerful reasons why you should book a vacation direct with the vacation company. The best deals and the most unusual and treasured experiences are often only accessible when you book direct.


Here’s our top eight reasons why you should always book your vacation home direct.


#1. Save money


Often, the best prices are only available when you book direct. They won’t be found on the booking platforms because these booking platforms charge additional fees which are added into the overall price.


Vacation rental property management companies can offer much better prices when they don’t have a factor in these additional fees and charges. So you get the best price when you book direct.



#2. Get extra rewards


Many vacation rental businesses, including Ellis Exclusive Villas, offer special discounts for repeat bookings. This way, you can save even more money every time you book direct. Your loyalty is rewarded directly.


#3. Support the local economy


Most vacation rental businesses are small businesses and an important part of the local economy. By booking direct, you keep the revenue directly in the local economy, helping to support the places you visit. It’s great to be part of a more sustainable and local approach to booking your vacation.


#4. Personalised service and local travel tips


When you book direct, you will be in touch with the people responsible for managing the property in which you stay. They’ll be able to tell you all about the property and the local area. For example, you can find lots of tips for Florida events and attractions, including making the most of your time in the theme parks, on the Ellis Exclusive Villas Blog.



Plus, you can talk to our team direct to ask for advice. We’re always happy to answer your questions, share our tips and tricks so you can benefit from our experience and local knowledge to get the most from your vacation.


#5. Faster and better responses


Because you are dealing directly with the team responsible for managing the property in which you stay, you are going to get better and faster responses to any queries or complaints.


Instead of sending messages to bots, you can reach a real person on the ground where you are staying. You won’t have to wrangle with rigid processes or annoying technology. We’re here to help directly.


#6. More opportunity for custom packages


When you book direct, you can talk to us about your needs and we can build a package especially for you. For example, if you have accessibility needs we can direct you to the properties that would be most suited to your needs.


If you want to arrange multiple stays or longer stays, for example, booking direct enables to offer the most flexibility and the most competitive pricing.


#7. Your data stays with us


Your personal information and browsing history isn’t going to be sold and shared with multiple platforms, boosting your data privacy.


#8. Feel like a VIP


When you book direct, the personalised service you receive is a step up from the generic, automated messages of the big platforms. You’ll enjoy a much more memorable, personalised and authentic stay.


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