10 Disney Easter Eggs – Hidden Disney Character Cameos you never knew were in Disney Movies

With Easter approaching what a great way to spend some time in doing an Easter Egg Hunt – the Disney way.

How many Disney movies have you watched and thought “hey that’s Scar from Lion King, what’s he doing in Hercules?” Over many years the Disney animators have made it their mission to insert hidden characters and Mickey symbols throughout their movies to add some magical Disney mystery and intrigue in their fun loving movies.

There are many Disney hidden Easter Eggs out there, but we have highlighted 10 movies scenes to wet your appetite and perhaps get you to watch a Disney/Pixar movie in the future with a detective mind.

#1:  Flounder from Little Mermaid in Moana

Flounder from The Little Mermaid can be found in Moana when Maui is singing ‘You’re Welcome’

# 2:  Belle from Beauty and the Beast in Hunchback of Notre Dame

Belle from Beauty and the Beast can be seen walking the village streets during The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Quasimodo’s song ‘Out There’

# 3:  Scar from Lion King in Hercules

Scar can be found in Hercules as a throw.  This is referenced from the Lion King when Zazu states that Scar “would make a very handsome throw rug”

# 4:  Mrs Pots and Chip from Beauty and the Beast in Tarzan

Enjoying their cameo in Tarzan are Mrs Pots, Chip and the tea set from Beauty and the Beast

# 5: Sebastian from Little Mermaid in Aladdin

Looking through his ‘Royal Recipes’ book, the Genie from Aladdin finds none other than Sebastian from Little Mermaid hanging on his finger as we hear ‘Under The Sea’ play for a couple of seconds.

# 6:  Dumbo in Lilo and Stitch

Found among Lilo’s toys is a small Dumbo teddy

# 7: Rapunzel from Tangled in Frozen

Rapunzel from Tangled walks through the gates and past Anna as Anna sings ‘For the First Time in Forever’

# 8: Sleeping Beauty’s spinning wheel in Tangled

Making a feature from Sleeping Beauty 1959 is the spinning wheel that Sleeping Beauty pricked her finger on and fell into a deep sleep.  Glad Rapunzel didn’t succumb to the same fate…

# 9: Aladdin’s Magic Carpet in Princess and the Frog

Aladdin’s Magic Carpet seen in the village scene from Princess and the Frog.

# 10:  Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck in The Little Mermaid

What a great place to hide Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck than in the crowd in The Little Mermaid

Hope you’ve enjoyed finding out all the great hidden Easter Eggs in the Disney/Pixar movies.  Why not let us know in the Comments section what characters in which scenes you’ve spotted.  We’d love to hear from you.

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