Exciting news for all Star Wars fans… Disney has announced its plans for the new Stars Wars worlds that it is developing for its theme parks in Orlando, Florida, and in California.

Disney has announced that the construction of its new Star Wars attractions is already underway at Disney Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

The new land will be called Galaxy’s Edge, set in the galaxy of Batuu.  The site covers some 14 acres of the Disney plot – putting the Star Wars extension on an unprecedented scale; the biggest single-themed development Disney has ever undertaken.

Pictures of the construction site released so far obviously show the construction in very early stages.  Even so, there are some tantalising glimpses into what we can expect in this much-anticipated new world.

Feel the Force

Disney has also released news about the activities guests can expect to enjoy in the new Star Wars worlds.  These announcements include news that guests will be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon as well as witnessing a battle with stormtroopers.

At the D23 Expo last year, Disney also released plans to open a Star Wars theme hotel as part of the development.  The hotel will resemble a spaceship and it’s planned that, over the course of a two-night stay, guests will be able to take part in an immersive story-led interactive Star Wars experience.

For Star Wars fans, it could be well-worth considering checking into the hotel for a couple of nights during your stay at one of our villas.  Pack an overnight bag and immerse yourself in this exciting new universe!

Starry Eyed

Disney imagineers say the new worlds will really enable guests to get the Star Wars experience for themselves.

Disney’s Doug Chiang, VP Creative Director Star Wars, says, “it’s all the things you wanted to do watching the movie that you’ve never had a chance to do.  Having this attraction will allow guests to really immerse themselves and feel like they really are visiting Star Wars.”

MaxPass Rumours

There’s speculation online around how Disney will deal with the huge crowds expected when the new Star Wars worlds open.

Orlando Weekly has suggested that Star Wars land will open with a MaxPass scheme and not the usual free FastPass and FastPass+ fast-track schemes.  MaxPass is a paid-for pass that ranges in price from $10 to $75 for an annual pass.  Orlando Weekly suggests these prices may increase as we approach the Star Wars land opening date.

Of course, the rumour mill is in overdrive about this new opening, so we will have to wait for more news from Disney before we know for sure what will be available to guests.

May the Force Be with You

Much as we’d like to tell you the new Star Wars world will open on May the Fourth, announcements from Disney seem to suggest it will be later in 2019 before the new Star Wars worlds open at Disney World Orlando.  At the moment the schedule is suggesting a late Spring opening at Anaheim and a summer opening in Orlando.

If you can’t wait until then, check out this video released by Disney which shows a detailed view of the model on which this new world will be based:

Then check out all the latest announcements on the Disney blog.

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September and October could be great months to visit, when the crowds are likely to be quieter than during the summer vacation season.