Here’s the Ellis Exclusive Villas guide to getting the most out of your Orlando vacation when you stay with us in June.

The Theme Parks

Hot and crowded.

That’s the forecast for June in the parks.


A water bottle and plenty of sunblock have to be the first things to go into your daypack this month.

My little one also loves the water-spraying fans you can buy at Disney, but don’t wait until you get to the parks to buy one because you’ll be buying them at a premium.  Walmart and Target sell versions for a fraction of the cost – stock up before your visit.

School is out for summer in June in the USA, so park season is already in full swing.  The crowds might be heavier but the days are longer too.  This gives you an opportunity to arrive early and make the most of the quieter times, pop back home for a post-lunch nap (ideal for toddlers and grandparents alike!) and then head back out later for more fun when everyone is a bit cooler and more well-rested again.


Take it slow, and although shopping might be the last thing you fancy doing when you are feeling hot and bothered, a few minutes in a gift shop can offer unexpected relief thanks to the industrial strength air-conditioning inside.

With the introductions of tiered pricing at both Disney and SeaWorld (Universal has been operating it for a while), understanding your best options in terms of tickets has got a bit more confusing.  If you want help making sense of your options, we recommend speaking with our attraction tickets partner, who will offer great advice based on your family preferences.

Generally speaking, though, at the beginning of June you will find there are still a few mid-week bargains to be had, but expect to be paying premium rates from now on until September.

In terms of special events, this June you can enjoy the Sounds Like Summer Concerts at Epcot, and the Summer Nights concerts at SeaWorld Orlando.

Plus, there are plenty of new attractions opening this summer.  Our blog about June 2016’s events will take you through a few of these.

You can book Orlando theme park tickets through Ellis Exclusive Villas.  We guarantee you won’t get a better price.

The Weather

By June, temperatures in Orlando are happily sitting around in the 80s and 90s.  Expect daytime lows of around 70˚F (20˚C) and highs in the low 90s (32˚C +).

It isn’t going to be all sunshine though; the risk of rain is fairly high – you’re well into the rainy season – so make sure you have an umbrella or lightweight raincoat packed in your day pack along with your sun screen.

Sea temperatures are on the rise too; you can expect them to be around a comfortable 82˚F (28˚C) so a day at the beach (or one of Orlando’s water parks) is a great option.

Wider Central Florida

As you will hear me say on many an occasion, the Central Florida region has so many great things to do and June is no exception.


The Altantic coast is an hour-and-a-half drive to the east, the Gulf coast is two to two-and-a-half hours to the west.  If you can spare a day to visit both, then a trip to the beach is well worth the drive time.

The local state parks are a must-see: get out and experience the unique nature of this waterway-rich state.

The Shingle Creek Regional Park in Kissimmee is right on your doorstep and is well worth a visit.  You can hire a kayak and explore the creek, as one of our guests did earlier this year.

Many of the State parks also offer options for hiring bikes or kayaks so you can explore the trails and waterways at your own pace.  Alternatively, an Airboat Tour is another thrilling way to experience the State’s unique natural environment.

Your vacation home

You definitely won’t need to pay for pool heat in June.


The pool will become a very welcome part of your daily ritual – a wonderful way to cool off from the Florida sun!

However, the warm weather brings the bugs out, so you’ll need to pay particular attention to disposing of trash (rubbish) properly, wiping down surfaces, and using bug spray when you’re out and about (especially at the water parks).

You shouldn’t be unduly troubled by bugs, however.  All of our homes are treated on a regular basis (they are sprayed once a month) so do let us know if you need us to arrange for a top-up visit from our pest control team!

If it is your first time in Orlando as a family then please speak with our car rental partner, Car on the Drive.  Their unique service saves you the hassle of navigating your way from the airport to your vacation home because they’ll pick you up and provide some orientation on drive to your vacation home, where your rental car will be waiting for you on the drive.  Fabulous!

Finally, if you have any questions then please contact us on the usual numbers.  And, most of all, enjoy your vacation!

In USA: 321 710 8779

In UK: 0333 332 1411