I can’t quite believe it is February already!  Just where did January go?  For me, it disappeared under a flurry of bookings.

Having just come out of a busy festive period, we are now almost fully booked for Christmas and New Year 2015.

So I hope this post works as a rallying cry for all my regular guests – please, if you want to spend the holidays in Florida in 2015, please get in touch to book soon!

Especially if you are a returning guest and you have a specific property in mind, it’s worth making that call to me today.

I know some property managers in Orlando will hold properties back until the festive period is nearly upon us and then release them at the last minute, when they know they can command astronomical rates from late bookers.

I’m personally not comfortable with that approach and that’s why Ellis Exclusive Villas don’t hold villas back.

At least, I’ve never done it before.  But after what happened this Christmas I am seriously considering holding a couple of villas back just for a personal insurance policy.  Not to command the astronomical rates; just to save myself paying them!

We had a – rare – last minute problem this year and I had to move a guest.  If you know me, you’ll know I will never let down a guest.  I think this makes me a bit of a rarity in the Florida rentals market.  I’ve taken so many last minute reservations over the years – even from people who were travelling with the big tour operators!

And if there is ever an issue with a property I’ve taken a booking for, I’ll always find a property of better spec for my guests in order to make up for the inconvenience of a last-minute change.

This Christmas – when something did happen – finding that other property turned out to be not only expensive, but almost impossible!

The trials and tribulations of a property manager, I suppose.  I did eventually locate a beautiful villa on the Champions Gate resort in the end.  But it did make me think about having an insurance policy this year… let’s hope that I won’t need it, but if I do, at least I will have planned ahead!

And I guess that’s what I’d like all my guests to do too: please start planning those 2015 Christmas and New Year breaks now and hopefully we can all avoid any festive disappointments!

With thanks & best wishes,