‘You have to be in it to win it’ or so the saying goes…

Congratulations to Craig Stephens who has proven just how true this saying is!

Craig entered our ‘Insider Information’ Competition and shared his tip for getting a great deal at Discovery Cove.

Craig’s tip in full:

Get entrance to x4 theme parks for less than £50!

Simply buy a ultimate off peak non swim ticket around £129 for discovery cove and you get a 14 day unlimited pass to
1. Seaworld
2. Busch gardens
3. Aquatica
Now, because Discovery Cove is a inclusive day which means all food and drink is free, if you check the restaurant hours you can pretty much do breakfast, lunch and dinner and eat and drink your way to the value of £79 all day long, plus beer is also free, plus you can activate the other park passes before or after your day at Discovery Cove, simples!

Congratulations to Craig.

Although we have to admit, we were a little disappointed to get just the one entry!  We’re sure that our guests have some fantastic tips about how to get the most out of a holiday to Florida – whether it is a favourite restaurant, a cunning way to beat the lines at the parks or a great, less-than-well-known family activity.

If you’ve got any ideas about how we can tempt you into sharing your best tips with us, please let me know at: lisa.ellis@ellisexclusivevillas.co.uk

Hopefully, we can run the competition again later this year and entice a few more of you to share your top Orlando tips!