You may have seen in the news lately, that the UK Government has made changes to the UK driver’s licence and read reports that this is impacting car hire and rental agreements for travellers and holidaymakers, not least because of teething problems with the new system.

We have asked one of our partners, Orlando car rental business ‘Car on the Drive’ to explain what the changes mean for UK drivers in Florida.

Statement from Car on the Drive

As you may or not be aware, there are changes in the driver licences which may affect you as from 8 June, 2015.

If you hold a UK photo ID driver licence, at this time this is all we will require upon arrival here in Florida.

To use Car on the Drive services, you will NOT require a code from the DVLA.

If you do not have a photo ID licence and you only have the paper licence (that was issued before 1998) you will be required to bring this with you as evidence of having a UK driver licence. Again, NO code is necessary.

Please note: if you only have the old paper licence issued prior to 1998 please be aware you will need to keep this with you TOGETHER with your passport at all times while driving in Florida because authorities do require a photo ID if you are pulled over while driving.

We recommend getting a UK photo ID licence before your trip to Florida. This will mitigate the potential for problems associated with carrying your passport and paper ID whilst out and about in the vehicle (theft, loss, etc).

If you’re using another Car Rental service

Please check with the car hire company you are planning to use.

If in doubt, you may wish to obtain a passcode. To do this, please visit the DVLA website. The task is quick and easy to complete.

Passcodes will only be valid for 72 hours and therefore you should complete this task no more than 72 hours before you collect your car(s). Passcodes are for one time use only, therefore you should complete this task each time you hire a vehicle.

For further information about the changes, please visit the DVLA site.

For more information about or a quote for ORLANDO CAR RENTAL services, including those from Car on the Drive, please visit the Ellis Exclusive Villas website or call:

321 710 8779 (USA) or: 0333 332 1411 (UK).