Look at what my talented sister has done now!


We’ve just spruced up one of our wonderful family holiday homes and she’s made a really wonderful children’s room with Disney’s latest favourite royal sisters – Elsa and Ana.

And to achieve this sparking princess effect? She has literally thrown glitter at it!

We’re both really pleased with it – we can’t wait to welcome our first guests to see how much their little princesses love the new room look!

And, best of all, thanks to Sonya’s creativity, it’s all been done on a budget too.

Take a look at how…


It started with some blue paint, some dust sheets and A LOT OF GLITTER.

Sonya toiled for several hours to achieve this sparkly effect before sealing it. It might not have felt like it at the time, but I think it was worth it! The way the light sparkles on the wall is really magical!


Then Sonya employed her frame revamping skills with some more blue paint and glitter!

The pictures are cheap prints and look stunning on the plain white wall that adjoins our sparkly feature wall.

Finally, Sonya made some pretty dressing table accessories by decorating some clear wine glasses – so cheap to pick up at discount stores but transformed into a sparkly frozen goblet which – believe it or not – are still safe to drink out of!


These are just for decoration though.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your views!

Thanks again to Sonya for another wonderful job.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

If we already manage your property, then you’re always welcome to speak with us about your rental home if you think it needs a little bit of Sonya’s creativity, love and attention!

If we don’t yet manage your property, and you’re thinking about moving property managers, please call us on 321 710 8779 (USA).