I’m always surprised just how much creativity and ingenuity is required in the day-to-day life of a property manager.  That’s one of the reasons we enjoy our work so much here at Ellis Exclusive Villas – not one day is the same.

Part of our job is to keep the properties top notch so that we make sure that they are going to attract the most bookings. Repurposing an under-used room into a fun kids’ bedroom is all in a day’s work!

My sister Sonya had some inspired creative thinking to create these fun accents out of a few bits she had lying around.  They look great in this Mickey Mouse themed children’s bedroom.  There’s definitely a Mickey theme without it being a too full-on mouse overload!

Both ideas are really simple.  First, she covered an old piece of hardboard with some quilting foam and some black spotty fabric using just glue and a staple gun.

Second, she updated an old picture frame which she spray-painted black to match the other (fabric) accent.  She stretched an old Mickey Mouse tshirt over a rectangle of cardboard and inserted it into frame (replacing the tired old floral picture it used to house).  I think they look fab.

Framing an old tshirt is a great idea I plan to steal for in my own home (thanks Sonya!).  How good would an old college shirt look framed on the wall of an office?  Thinking back to the optimism of my college self would help me get inspired by some great memories every day…

I hope Sonya’s handiwork inspires you too… we’d love to see your own creative projects if it does!  Please share them below.