At dawn today, the Orion rocket was successfully launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida – heralding (so we’re told by NASA) a new era in American space exploration.

You can see the launch here:

Elsewhere in Florida great things have also been launched into cyberspace: my new website!

After years of hard work (no, really), a very steep learning curve, and many, many lessons learned, we’ve finally gone live with my new-look site.  It hasn’t blasted off from the pad with quite the unstoppable momentum as Orion – you still won’t be able to make books directly on the site for another week or so, but I’m really excited nonetheless.

Feel free to take a look for yourself:

Now, I’m not a space buff, so I didn’t realise the launch of Orion was scheduled yesterday (delays meant the launch was rescheduled for today).  But it seems serendipitous that such a high-profile launch should happen on the same day my website and blog have launched!

Let’s hope that Ellis Exclusive Villas will also be heading for a starry future before too long!