Family & Entertainment

Dinner Shows are an Orlando institution – and they range from prohibition-era-Chicago dancing to WWF wrestling floor shows. But it isn’t all comedy and magic. Orlando also has a huge variety of restaurants, from the major chains to some fantastic home-spun eateries off the beaten track which offer great value and a taste of local, authentic Florida dining.

Dinner Shows

You’ll find any number of dinner shows in and around Orlando – there’s one to suit every theme you could dream up! Some are better value than others, but really it isn’t so much about the food as the atmosphere and the entertainment. They are a really good, low-stress night out if you are trying to plan an evening for a group of friends or families which span a wide range of age groups – there is usually something everyone can find agreeable.

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Dining at the Theme Parks

Don’t dismiss the parks – they can be expensive, but they also offer some amazing shows and dining experiences. And if you are in the amusement park early in the morning (for an early character breakfast) or late at night (dining late) it can be a wonderful experience to wander around without the crowds.

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Off the beaten track

Go off the beaten track at least a few times while you’re visiting Florida. The heritage and history of the Kissimmee, Orlando and wider Central Florida are fascinating and well worth exploring. You’ll find there are plenty of opportunities for something a little bit different in Orlando!

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Dining Out

Orlando and Kissimmee spoil you for choice if you fancy dining out. Most of the chain restaurants also offer a carry-out service, so you can grab a meal on the way back to the villa – which can be a useful standby when your little ones have spent an exhausting day at the amusement parks.

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